Monday, April 02, 2012

Beyond the Release in Potomac Review

You may remember a short essay posted by Potomac Review last year about my experience with the release of my debut novel in stories, Tracks. In it, I wrote about the thrill of release day. You can find it here at the link below.

The editors of Potomac Review asked me to write a follow up to that with a little bit about an author’s experience beyond the release. My answer: “Beyond the Release: It Doesn’t End on Release Day,” which was published on Potomac Review’s blog.

In it, I talk about the experience following release day.

“I have tos ay that, for me, even more thrilling than a book sale is a note of support and encouragement from an author I admire. I feel like I’m rich in that department.”

Take a look at “Beyond the Release” at Potomac Review.

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