Thursday, March 01, 2012

Where Do You Do Your Writing?

Some authors will tell you that there’s a write place and time for every novel they write. That’s the case for me, as I explained in a recent Write Place, Write Time.

Write Place, Write Time is a blog devoted to the place where authors do their work.

Although I can more or less write anywhere, when I was asked to write about the place where I do most of my writing, I realized that at least a part of every novel draft I have written has been created, in part, at the same pine desk that once belonged to my father.

In the piece, I write about the desk and some of the things we share: a Don Quixote statue from Nizhniy Novgorod, a candleholder from St. Petersburg, a pen made of wood from a desk of the mayor of the city where I was born … and lots of books.

In fact, I’m at the old pine now, making eye contact with John Steinbeck as I work on my fiction. Back to it.

Visit me and my desk at Write Place, Write Time. And tell me: where do you like to do your writing?

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