Monday, January 09, 2012

Broken Pencil Brakes for Tracks

Another positive review for Tracks, this one from Broken Pencil.

The reviewer describes Tracks as “a collection of stories set on an overnight train heading west from Baltimore to Chicago, filled with a mix of young and old passengers who feel optimistic for the expedition ahead and hardened by the past left behind.”

Here’s a bit more of what the reviewer had to say:

Once everyone's introduced, the real fun begins. Two characters drunkenly end up in a cabin together, while on the other end of the train a cat-and-mouse game breaks out between a runaway mob member and his pursuing hit man. At times, Tracks feels like an episode of The Sopranos on VIA Rail, particularly since the mafia story arc - the one Goodman spends most of the novel crafting - is by far the highlight.

The review concludes: “…the writing makes for a great ride.”

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