Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Writing Resolutions in Writers Weekly

For my first post of 2012, a rerun! But an appropriate one, given the time of year.

Writers Weekly is the highest-circulation freelance writing ezine in the world. This time last year, they started the year by featuring my story, “Resolutions Worth Writing About.” The article focuses on writing-related new years resolutions and how to increase your chances of accomplishing them.

In the story, I gave my own writing resolutions for 2011. How did I do?

1. To actively promote my novel, TRACKS, which is being published by Atticus Books this summer. CHECK PLUS!

2. To actively promote my children's book, Flightless Goose, which is in stores now. CHECK

3. To allow myself a couple writing retreats during which my main focus is writing fiction. CHECK

4. To send out at least one short fiction submission each month. Well ... I'll work on that in 2012.

Read the story in the most recent issue of Writers Weekly, at the link below.

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