Friday, September 30, 2011

Tracks is Haute

Talent in Motion magazine ran a review of Tracks in their summer issue.

The review describes Tracks as “a novel of stories about people whose lives are connected when they take a train from Baltimore to Chicago. The tales are as diverse as the characters on the train. Each of their chance encounters shed a closer understanding to … why we are stronger by the stories we share. Who we are and what we do with life’s uncertain circumstances make us better human beings... or not...”

Talent in Motion magazine is a glossy print magazine that reports on fashion, beauty, theater, movies, television, travel, nightlife, and books.

Tracks did not make the cover, usually reserved for a hot model. But here’s what Talent in Motion had to say about the cover of Tracks: “The Tracks cover was designed by Jamie Keenan, who has worked on covers for such authors as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Stephen King, H.G. Wells and George Orwell, amongst many others.”

Check out Talent in Motion magazine (and some of their recent covers).

Read their review of Tracks!

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