Monday, June 27, 2011

Tracks: The Final Countdown

For some, The Final Countdown brings thoughts of Europe, for others, images of GOB and his magic show—illusions, not tricks!

But it’s also the music playing in the background as we enter the final countdown for the release of Tracks, a novel in stories! Only two days and a matter of hours to go. You can watch the counter tick away at the following link:

There’s still time left to enter the contest for a free copy! All you have to do is share Tracks on Facebook, Twitter, or to your email list.

There are 5 easy ways to enter the contest. You can enter as many times as you’d like during the next couple days, and each entry will increase your chances of winning one of the free books.

1. Share Tracks on Facebook. Write a post and share the link to, or repost / share one of my Tracks-related posts (like this one). Be creative!

2. Share Tracks on Twitter. Tweet all about Tracks and include a link to Condense your wit to 180 characters!

3. Share Tracks with your contacts. Send an email blast to your list of friends and colleagues about Tracks and be sure to include the link.

4. “Like” the Lounge at

5. “Friend” Franklin, the Conductor, at

Each time you do one of the above, just send an email to notifying us of your post/tweet/like/friend and you’ll be entered into the contest.

Two lucky winners will each receive a free copy of Tracks, postage included for winners within the United States. In the case of a winner outside the United States, you can select the eBook version or pay the postage for your free printed book.

The results will be announced and books sent during the month of July.

What are you waiting for? Remember that you can enter as often as you like —so enter early and enter often!

It’s the final countdown!

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