Thursday, June 16, 2011

D.L. Wilson—Page-Turning Adventure

Bestselling thriller novelist D.L. Wilson finds Tracks to be a “page-turning adventure.” His own thrilling work, published by Berkley, has been translated into 8 languages. Here’s what he thought of the novel in stories.

“Tracks presents a creative approach to addressing the complex issues in the real world and human nature. Eric D. Goodman provides intimate glimpses into the complex nature of a broad cross section of humanity traveling by train through the heartland of America. He integrates themes of familial bonds and fragments of lives and careers in jeopardy through the unique relationship of vividly drawn characters. Tracks is a refreshing narrative presented through deep reflections and vivid imagery that will propel readers into a page-turning adventure.

~D.L. Wilson,

Author of Unholy Grail and


Learn more about D.L. Wilson and his own trillers at his website.

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