Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jen Michalski--Alternating Harsh and Tender Stories

This weekend, Baltimore is ripe with festivities. There’s the St. Anthony’s Italian Festival in Little Italy, and HonFest in Hampden. So it seems fitting to have the blub off the day come from a real Baltimore Hon.

Jen Michalski is editor of one of Baltimore’s most popular literary journals, JMWW. She’s also a widely published author in her own write, with two books and hundreds of stories published. Here’s what Jen had to say about Tracks.

“In an age of twitter, microfiction, and small attention spans, the stories in Eric D. Goodman's Tracks are built on narrative fiction and the U.S. rail system, both of which are seemingly pronounced dead every new decade. But like a good meal, these stories of strangers on a train marinate and simmer, creating a flavor that is richer than their parts. Goodman's alternating harsh and tender stories travel the spectrum of human emotion, and his care for his characters is evident from the first page to the last. By the end, we have not only lived through every character, but we are every character.”

Jen Michalski,
author of Close Encounters
and May-September

On your way back from the festivals, check out the latest issue of JMWW, Hon!

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