Sunday, May 15, 2011

Like the Lounge

It’s the weekend: how about a nice, relaxing drink in the lounge car? The soothing rock of the train along the tracks, a cool drink to warm you, beautiful scenery passing outside the window, and conversation surrounding you like background music you can join or keep in the background.

You’ll meet a lot of interesting people in the lounge car. A poet, a hit man, a mobster, a soldier. A holocaust survivor, a businessman, a potter, and a mourner. A young couple in love, an old couple in love, and a woman who has left love behind for something more. And known to them all, the conductor himself who weaves in and out of their lives to punch tickets and enlighten lives.

If you like the sound of that, you should like the lounge. The online lounge car is the official fan page of Tracks, a novel in stories set on a train traveling from Baltimore to Chicago.

Join me, the conductor, and all the other passengers in the lounge. You’ll enjoy the ride.!/pages/Tracks-the-lounge-car/182330691789512

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