Friday, April 15, 2011

Fitting Font Found

Tracks makes the top ten list!

No, not in the New York Times or Amazon or Barnes & Noble—remember, it hasn’t even been released yet. But the font used to typeset Tracks has been selected by the publisher (Atticus Books) and the book designer (Jamie Keenan) with a little input from me. And the font chosen is one of the top ten typefaces for modern book design.

And the font we found that fits is … FF Scala.

Although FF Scala is one of the first typeface designs to come with both serif and sans serif companions, it is a relatively new font – created in 1990 by Dutch typeface designer Martin Majoor. It’s one of the first fonts designed with digital medium in mind.

You can see why it’s such a popular design for books, magazines, even museum catalogs. It’s attractive and easy to read. Classic and modern. The perfect font for a novel in stories set on a modern day train—contemporary sensibilities in a nostalgic setting.

See the font and learn more about it at The Font Feed. It’s number three on the top ten list. While on the site, hover over the header to watch a parade of fonts!

Read more about FF Scala at Wikipedia.

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