Wednesday, May 07, 2008

TRACKS Author Published in The Potomac

TRACKS author Eric D. Goodman has an excerpt from his new novel, Womb, published in the May issue of The Potomac, a journal of poetry and politics—and fiction!

Small Places” is a short excerpt from Womb. Although this short piece is written in the third person, the novel itself is written in the first person – from the unique point-of-view of a child still in his mother’s womb.

“Small Places” is the only excerpt from Womb that has been submitted for publication. Revisions on the novel are still in progress with plans to begin submitting to agents late this year.

Small as it is, enjoy “Small Places” in the current issue of The Potomac now! Just scroll down to the “Quicktions” section on the lower left-hand side.


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