Wednesday, November 28, 2007

TRACKS Author Interview with Deborah Norville

Being thankful is still in season. TRACKS author Eric D. Goodman is thankful that his feature story was published in last week’s Thanksgiving edition of Writers Weekly — the most widely-circulated freelance writing ezine in the world.

The story is not just about giving thanks. In fact, it’s an exclusive interview with Deborah Norville — anchor of Inside Edition and author of the new bestselling book, Thank You Power.

Goodman met Norville at a the “Movable Feast” luncheon last month. She’d already read Goodman’s literary blog, Writeful, prior to their meeting and she was open to an interview with fellow author.

The result: the feature article in last week’s Writers Weekly: “Give Thanks for Your Writing.” Goodman’s story specifically addresses Norville’s Thank You Power and how it relates to writers.

This is the third story Goodman has published in Writers Weekly this year.

Read Goodman’s feature here.


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