Tuesday, November 13, 2007

TRACKS Author Published in JMWW

TRACKS author Eric D. Goodman is published in the Fall issue of JMWW.

JMWW is a popular online literary journal based in Baltimore that publishes “the best fiction, poetry, essays, and art on the web. Or at least a close approximation.”

Jen Michalski, the editor, recently announced, “The Fall 07 issue of JMWW is now floating in space — featuring artists Elizabeth Crisman and Peter Schwartz; Eric D. Goodman's five favorite Johns; and new expanded fiction, flash, essays, poetry, and book reviews!”

Each issue of JMWW begins with a note from the editor, then a “High Five.” In this issue, Goodman writes about his “five influential Johns” of writing.

“We're definitely excited that Baltimore writer Eric D. Goodman meditates on his five favorite Johns in this issue's High Five,” Jen wrote in her editor’s note.

Enjoy the fall 2007 issue of JMWW at the link below.



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