Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DC Examiner: Tracks is … a Journey

The DC Examiner has published a review of Tracks: “Riding the rails with Tracks by Eric D. Goodman.”

The review describes the book as “a collection of short stories tied together by the train on which they ride ...” It adds, “However, that is not all that ties these stories together; it is the people themselves and their transformations.

“…the stories exude local culture and nuances that only a local writer could bring to life. Whether the characters are running away from their lives in Baltimore or eager to get back to them, the protagonists in each story are seeking change and the rails is the best way to examine their lives and find solutions to their problems.

“Goodman has created a novel in stories about the everyman that will reach into the reader's core and transport them inward to examine his/her own life more closely. Tracks is a novel and short stories, but much more than that, it is a journey.”

Read the entire review at the link below.


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