Friday, March 04, 2011

Tracks Author Published in Pedestal Magazine

Have a fetish for good literary magazines? Then you may already be a regular reader of The Pedestal Magazine. If not, you should give it a read.

The Pedestal Magazine is available online, and it’s free. As an online magazine that actually pays for all its content, The Pedestal is a cut above some of the other online journals.

Goodman's story, “Fetishes,” was published in a recent issue of The Pedestal Magazine. The flash fiction appears in issue 59.

As guest fiction editor Charles Rammelkamp said in his introduction, it’s not easy to be put on this pedestal. “It goes without saying that the competition was stiff, with around five hundred submissions for only a few slots and so much good work; it was kind of like college applications at prestigious universities.”

Where’s the frat party?

Check out The Pedestal Magazine issue 59 online.

Or go directly to “Fetishes.”

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