Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TRACKS Author Featured in Writers Weekly

Once again, TRACKS author Eric D. Gooman's work has been published in Writers Weekly — the world’s most popular writing eZine. In fact, Writers Weekly has more subscribers than any other freelance-writing eZine in history.

Goodman's story is the feature article in the latest issue of Writers Weekly -- the most popular electronic magazine in the world for freelance writers. The title of the latest article: “Go Back to School to Sell Your Story.”

In the article, Goodman give tips on an innovative way writers can bring attention to their work. If you have a published book that has lessons to teach to children, then contact local schools to see if you can visit and present your book (and the lessons taught within) to the students.

It’s a great way to bring your work to a new audience in a positive way — and to build what can become your fan base of tomorrow.

To read the feature article about how Eric and his wife, illustrator Nataliya A. Goodman, went about promoting their childrens' book, Flightless Goose, at a local school, see the latest issue of Writers Weekly. You can find it at the link below.



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