Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ticket Reserved for Literary Agent

Come Aboard for an exciting literary ride! TRACKS, a novel in stories, is ready to leave the station in search of a literary agent.

Each story in TRACKS is told from the perspective of a passenger on a train traveling from Baltimore to Chicago. While the stories stand alone, they become even stronger and take on new meanings when linked together. A secondary character in one story becomes the main character in another. As the passengers interact, they alter the path ahead and cast past experiences and choices in a new light.

While entirely unique, TRACKS is similar in nature to Joan Silber's National Book Award finalist, IDEAS OF HEAVEN, a ring of stories. The writing style has been compared to that of Michael Cunningham and Alice Munro.

To learn more about TRACKS, read on. Or contact the author, Eric D. Goodman, at edgewriter@gmail.com.


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